Wilmcote Station News

Volunteers Make a Real Difference


Some unique and inspired work has highlighted the benefits of volunteering and community involvement with its railway station. Wilmcote, some two miles north of Stratford upon Avon, boasts one of the finest examples of a small Great Western country station that still remains part of the national rail network.

John Douglas is one of a group of voluntary station adopters at Wilmcote. John, also a member of the Shakespeare Line Promotion Group, was the first person to answer the Shakespeare Line Promotion Group's appeal in 2020 for volunteers to adopt a railway station along the line.

Over the last nine months, John has been joined by several others from the village who have also become adopters. The Wilmcote adopters have already made a tremendous difference to the station in terms of its environment. 

The unique element that John has brought to Wilmcote has been four hand-made replica GWR station boards, enabling the original and latterly forlorn posts at the station to fulfil once again their purpose of signing Wilmcote. John made the boards himself over the winter of 2020/21 and has recently installed them at the station. The cost of the materials has been met by the Community Station Partnership (CSP), Friends of the Shakespeare Line (FoSL) who were recently the beneficiary of a £500 donation by the Wilmcote Charitrust explicitly given to benefit and enhance Wilmcote station.

The Treasurer of FoSL, Fraser Pithie, said, "John's skill and ability are quite clear for all to see; the name boards look great and enhance the GWR country station environment that still exists. John has demonstrated how, with some inspired thinking and ability, volunteers can make a real difference".

The CSP looks after and supports all volunteers along the rail route between Stratford upon Avon and Birmingham via Henley-in-Arden.