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Claverdon Railway Station 1957
Claverdon Railway Station sign

Claverdon Railway Station

The railway line at Claverdon was opened by the Stratford on Avon Railway Company as a single-track branch on 9th October 1860.


Claverdon station was one of three intermediate stations on the Stratford on Avon Railway (the other two being Bearley and Wilmcote). The line was operated by the Great Western Railway (GWR) with Brunel's broad-gauge track (7 feet between the rails) and stock until 1863 when standard gauge track (4' 8½") and trains began to run through from Worcester via the Honeybourne Line. Ownership of the line eventually transferred to the GWR. 


The original station was located on the Hatton side of the road bridge and comprised just one platform and facilities for goods – coal and agricultural. A brick and timber signal box was located at the Hatton end of the main building. Claverdon was staffed by a Station Master and two porters in 1925, with a total wage bill of £422 per annum. Traffic receipts for the station that year amounted to £3,452.


As time went by, the line became increasingly busy, meaning that the single line became an unacceptable bottleneck. Consequently, the GWR decided to double the line between Hatton and Bearley. The project included providing a new two-platform station built to the south of the original station and completed by June 1939. The two platforms were 137 metres (450 ft) in length with waiting accommodation and toilets.


The two buildings at road level by the station entrance (that are now privately owned but remain) were the booking and parcels office and bicycle and general storage. In addition, a new signal box was built at the Hatton end of the old platform.   

In the 1960s, railway traffic declined, and Transport Secretary Ernest Marples appointed Dr Richard Beeching to restructure the railway network. After the wholesale closure of many branch lines following the Beeching Report, the British Railways Boards commenced a rationalisation programme. Consequently, the second line between Hatton and Bearley was lifted in 1969, and Claverdon reverted to being a single-platform station. 

Today, the railway station at Claverdon serves the residents commuting to larger towns and cities for work and recreation. Trains operate to and from Stratford upon Avon, Warwick and Leamington Spa. In addition there are now one or two trains a day direct to and from Dorridge, Solihull, Birmingham and Kidderminster. Visitors to Claverdon can take the 12-minute walk to the village centre and explore Claverdon Church with its 15th-century tower and view nearby grade II listed buildings (now in private ownership), including Stone Building and Claverdon Smithy.


The Claverdon Station Adopters plan to create a haven for wildlife, plant flowers, including wildflowers and herbs, develop bug hotels, and install bird nesting boxes.




Claverdon church and Claverdon Smithy.

Claverdon Railway Station, Claverdon, Warwick CV35 8PE

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