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Spring Road Railway Station 1972
Spring Road Railway Station sign

Spring Road Railway Station

Serving the Fox Hollies and Tyseley residential areas, offering convenient, rapid direct public transport to Birmingham City Centre.


The railway station is situated in the Birmingham City Council district of Tyseley and Hay Mills bordering on an area known as Fox Hollies. In 1869 an old inn was bought and lavishly rebuilt by Zaccheus Walker III as a private residence called Fox Hollies Hall. In the 1880's the hall passed into the ownership of the son Lieutenant-Colonel Zaccheus Walker IV, a well-respected philanthropist and chairperson of many local Boards and Committees. 


Spring Road station opened in 1908 as a halt known as Spring Road platform to ease traffic at Tyseley station and to serve a cluster of cottages on the nearby land owned by Lt. Col Walker IV. The Lt. Colonel used the station for school trips to enable local children to see the countryside's wonders and explore Stratford upon Avon.


The station became very busy from 1925 onwards with the arrival of the Birmingham manufacturing giant Joseph Lucas. There was a local Birmingham saying "If you didn't work for Lucas you knew someone who did". The site grew and comprised of four works with a satellite site at the end of Spring Road known as 'the Eagle works'. Across these works Dynamos, starter motors and lamps were made for the then growing and large British motor car manufacturers.

One of the works formed part of the Lucas Aerospace division with the notable achievement of designing and manufacturing the fuel management system for the Olympus engine fitted to Concorde.


A little gem of the area is Hall Green Little Theatre, one of Birmingham's oldest amateur theatre companies who aim to deliver exciting, engaging and high-quality theatre and is dedicated to encouraging people in the community to engage with the arts. HGLT has been producing quality drama since 1950 and is run by committed volunteers who all share the same passion and enthusiasm for theatre. 


A famous name associated with the area is Jasper Carrott. Born Robert Davies on 14 March 1945, he went to Acocks Green Junior and Infants School and then to Moseley School. He lived at 40 Shaftmoor Lane.



Shopping, Fox Hollies Leisure Centre.

Spring Road Railway Station, Spring Road, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 3DP

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